Gatsby's Self Conception

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The American Dream is the belief that anyone, regardless of race, class, gender, or nationality, can be successful in America if they just work hard enough. The American Dream presents a view of the American society in which ignores racism problems, income inequality, etc. In the 1920’s, it was a very difficult and resulting time for the American Dream. Due to increased immigration, changing women’s roles, and a extraordinary income inequality. The country was also in the midst of an economic boom, which fueled the belief that anyone could “strike it rich”. I believe that in many ways Gatsby's characterization does represent the American Dream. For starters, Gatsby's notion of self definition and self conception is a major part of the American Dream. Gatsby redefines himself, changing his name and his occupation as well as his background.…show more content…
Simply put, Gatsby believes in the fulfillment of his dreams as being possible on acquiring more money. This is another component of the American Dream. The central idea of the American Dream is to make it, to do your best to make it to wherever you are wanting to be. Gatsby represents the American Dream not because he was born poor and then became rich, but because he has the real drive in him in wanting to make it. He wants the end result, but does not want to do it the right way and I think that doing it the right way is also a big part of the central idea of the American Dream. Another character in the story that relates to the American Dream is Nick Carraway, the narrator, but also a big participant in the story. Carraway represents the American Dream because Nick Carraway is a pragmatic man, who comes from the Middle-West, in which does not share the American dream . But still he is striving for something, he wants to be himself, as he sees himself, tolerant, objective and reliable. The money of the upper class is just a tiny bit of his
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