Gattaca And Brave New World Comparison Essay

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This quote was shown in the opening of the movie Gattaca whose civilization is made of mostly genetically modified beings. Parents in this world will genetically modify their children to have the best traits they could possibly have. These people are known as valids. Valids get a high status and the best jobs whereas if an individual was born “naturally” and untouched, they are considered invalid. In a similar world, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley individuals are not born from parents but from jars. These jars are tampered with to have control over the development of the embryo. In this world, close relationships to anyone is looked down on. In both Gattaca and Brave New World, both societies wanted to achieve a perfect world but Gattaca’s definition of perfection is to achieve a world of genetically superior brings whereas in Brave New World it is to have a stable civilization. What stands out in comparison of Gattaca and Brave New World is that to achieve stability in Brave New world is to have no close relations to anyone. One of their mottos is “Every one belongs to every…show more content…
Brave New World’s government was more controlling over the people because they wanted everyone to fit into a category and be happy. Gattaca gave the people a choice but in their eyes there was only one correct answer and if citizens chose wrong, their kids would have to like a sad life. In the first chapter of Brave New World, it talked about the hatchery and the process in which the people are hatched. The workers will tamper with the jars environment to either enhance the fetus or handicap them. In Gattaca, they did not tamper with environment or try to create a child with disadvantages. Scientist will take the egg and a sperm of parents who are ready to have children, then they would analyse and find the best child with the most desired characteristics. Both stories had control of fate but chose a different method of doing
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