Gattaca Film Techniques Essay

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Statement of intention I will be analyzing eight techniques within two scenes of Andrew Nicholas Gattaca. These eight techniques are colors, DNA symbolism, discrimination, camera angels, dialogue, setting, and flashbacks; I will then relate them back to real life, the intentions of the director, as well as the audience. The first scene I will be analyzing is a flashback to the genetic doctor’s office where the conception of Vincent’s younger brother, Anton, is being planned, while the second scene I will be analyzing is the final scene of the film where Vincent is journeyed to Titan and Eugene burns himself to death. Film analysis 1997 thriller and drama film, Gattaca, directed by Nicholas is a film about a man, Vincent, who dreams of going…show more content…
Camera angles are used to depict characters as powerful or weak and to create a feeling among the audience, such as fear, for this scene it brings in more suspense. This is one of the happiest and saddest scenes in the film; both Eugene and Vincent have their dreams eventuate. Vincent’s, is he travelled to outer space while Eugene’s is suicide. Both characters are leaving the earth at the exact simultaneously, but one is dying while one is living. The angle is a worm’s eye view from Vincent of the rocket blasting off and a bird’s eye view of the incinerator burning Eugene. Since the shot of Vincent is worms eye view and Eugene it is birds eye view it represents Vincent as more superior. This reinforces the quote at the beginning of the film ‘There is no gene for fate’. Even if you have perfect DNA every aspect is not always perfect in your life. The camera showed Eugene burning him and his second-place medal, which appeared as a gold medal due to the flame, in the incinerator while fading into Vincent in the rocket as it blasted off. The rocket’s flames as well as the incinerators intertwine which appears as if they are heading in the identical direction. The camera angles bring both characters together and causes tension as it is a bit confusing to tell where the flames are coming
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