Gattaca Movie Analysis

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In my sister 's keeper the parents Sara and Brian Fitzgerald along with their daughter Kate Fitzgerald has suffered from leukemia for a long time. Kate 's health hasn’t been improving, leaving Kate’s parents desperate and find a way to help her. Due to Kate 's decreasing health, Sara and Brian decided that they will have another child with a specific purpose. They want their new child to be compatible for blood and organ transplants for Kate. With that in mind they have another child who is named Anna Fitzgerald. Throughout the years she has been happy to give whatever she could to help her sister 's health and will do what she can to help that is until she decided to get medical emancipation all because of her sisters will. It would be very difficult to decide and find a proper way for both daughters to survive. I would be mad and shocked, as you don 't know what to do because if you risk a medical procedure to save kate 's life you will possibly endanger Anna 's life. There 's no way you can force your child…show more content…
By watching GATTACA we learn that there are a lot of disadvantages as well as many advantages. Here are some disadvantages of having a society like this. In the the movie we learn that if you are not genetically modified and are brought to birth like in today 's society letting nature take its course you will have a life full of shadowing and being seen as the weakest link of the bunch. You 're opportunities are limited. Another disadvantage is having to deal with many people starting you down or discriminating you for the lack of abilities you don 't possess. These are advantages to having a society like GATTACA. It would be fairly easy to find people based on DNA if we used their methods of getting a drop of blood or a hair strand. It would allows to accurately determine which person is which. Another thing is having a more structural and built society even though many people would have less than others there will be a stable place where

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