Reflective Essay On The Movie Gattaca

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Every action a person takes can affect the lives of others even when its unintentionally. Our journey in life can lead us down many different paths, some which are predetermined by others even before we are born. In the film Gattaca, the main character, Vincent Freeman is born into a futuristic world. This world determines your status by your genetic makeup. To ensure you have a child with the best possible genes the parents go in and have a lab scientifically alter their embryos, These babies would be the best genetically, giving the baby a higher status within the futuristic world. Without evening knowing it, our lives can be impacted immensely by someone 's actions either in a positive or negative way. With determination, those limitations put on by others…show more content…
In every way Vincent, through his actions affected many of the other characters in this film. I know I personally I can all relate to having someone 's action impact my life, even without the other party realizing it. When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, she had a few hospital stays, some lasted for days. I sat and watched this one nurse who worked with my mom and made her smile on those bad days. She even held her hand when the pain was too much. This nurse never saw that those actions towards my mother completely changed where I wanted to go in life. Going forward I knew I would want to get out of administration and become a nurse. I wanted to provide that same unforgettable care for someone else 's loved one at the darkest of times like that one nurse did for my family. This life can be chaotic at times, all of us do not realize how our actions can spread like the ripples from skipping a rock on a lake. Navigating through this life is tough but in the end, each of us can change someone 's perspective for good and at times bad. Every action and decision can cause an impact on the people around you or for complete strangers you just never
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