Gatton Academy Advantages

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I strongly feel that Gatton Academy is the right place for me to finish high school. At my high school, I’ve struggled with lacking curriculum and instruction, with little to no challenge provided for me. Gatton Academy will be able to provide me with the tools and resources I need to excel to the best of my abilities. Not only will Gatton provide rigorous coursework, but it will help prepare me even more so for life as an adult. The extended freedoms that come with living away from home – on a college campus, no less – are something that many people would consider taking advantage of. But unlike many of my peers, I feel that I am mature enough to handle this, as I know this is an earned privilege, not just something to toss to the wind without any regard. I know that Gatton will provide a diverse, and supportive community of…show more content…
On my own, I’ve pursued learning about the Welsh language and culture. While this language may not prove itself particularly useful, I think that it’s very interesting. Along with Welsh, I have chosen Latin for my language credits in high school. I find that although being a dead language, Latin will most likely be able to benefit me in virtually any STEM field of my choice! I feel that my love for languages has allowed me to become a more effective communicator and speaker.
Aside from the previous things, I feel that I possess the personality type to succeed and contribute at Gatton. Throughout my life, I’ve been able to demonstrate that I possess the drive and the dedication needed to get the job done. I’ve always been diligent and focused when it comes to academia though I’m able to chill out and crack jokes like any other teenager. Some people ask how I balance everything, but it’s been easy for me. I feel like my personality and skill set are perfectly suited to effectively contribute and excel within the Gatton
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