Gavin Elster In The Film Vertigo

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The villain of the movie Vertigo is Gavin Elster. Gavin works as a shipping magnate. Elster is an old colleague of the retired detective Scottie Fergusson. Even though he is only in about 4 scenes, he still is the mastermind in making his wife’s death seem like a suicide. One of his weakness are lying. He lies to everyone, and will do anything to come out like the winner. He lied to his friend, by telling him his wife is possessed by the ghost of her grandmother Carlotta Valdes. He tells him that she sometimes pretends to act like Carlotta, but doesn't remember anything that happened. Another flaw of Elster is he doesn't have any remorse ruining someone's life. For instance, he hired Judy so she would pretend to be his wife, given him the perfect opportunity to kill his Madeliene. He later on tricked Judy by taking all of the money and traumatized Scottie for life after he witnessed the love of his life die for the second time. For this character the only motivation for killing his wife is money. His wife came from a rich family, and he wanted to possess all her wealth. He was willing to do anything for and to in order to obtain the money. He even violated Judy’s, his accomplices dignity by leaving her to live in a run-down hotel, while he ran away with all the money and free of all charges of murdering his wife. Also, he deceived…show more content…
Madeleine and had Scottie become a witness to her death. Even after, when Scottie realize that Gavin conned him in believing Judy was actually his wife he still lost the love of his life the second time around. Scottie forced Judy up the tower where Madeleine had died and made her confess she was the one who was Madeleine the whole time. The sudden appearance of a nun, startled Judy and she tumbled down to her death. Gavin is the sole reason why Scottie and Madeleine lives were

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