Gay Adoption Benefits

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The children’s benefits of Gay Adoption out weight the negative effects. Gay adoption has been a very controversial topic for many of years. Gay adoption is pretty self-explanatory. It’s when a same sex couple adopts a child or children from foster care or an orphanage. Some people believe that gay adoption is wrong, and against many religions because two people of the same sex should not marry or adopt children. If two people are happy together leave them alone. If they are not hurting, or bothering you then let them live their life. Gay or lesbian couple never really get the chance to have a family of their own. Usually the only way they get to have a child is through adoption, or artificial insemination. When gays become parents they get to show how much they love and care for their child. (3). Children that grow up in foster care do not get the opportunity to grow up with a family. Children without parents deserve the opportunity to be raised by a gay or lesbian couple just as much as a gay or lesbian couple deserves to become parents. (4). A gay or lesbian couple can give the child a complete family experience that they did not have before. (3). Children that are adopted by a gay or lesbian couple get the opportunity to get the benefits from new parents both in health and…show more content…
Ohio law permitted Gay and Lesbian people individually to adopt children and their partners could obtain joint custody agreement to share parental rights. (6). Some people are worried about the children that get adopted or put into foster care with same sex couples. Mean and women considered that children would emulate the sexual orientation of their same sex parents. (2). Some local same sex couples with children plan to seek joint adoption because it is more clear cut than joint custody arrangements. (6). Men were apprehensive that a boy’s gender role behavior was more at risk if he was adopted by a lesbian couple.
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