Gay Adoption Pros And Cons

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We all need a mom and a dad
We live in a society were adoption is a normal aspect of life. Yet, the family structure that we out to know have had some changes throughout the century. Gay couples adopting children and raising them have raised many question, such as; is this ethical or moral? What kind of effect can this have on the child? Adoptions main reason is to be able to give a child a stable loving environment or home. It is to put the welfare of the children in focus and maybe this is just something gay couples cannot provide?
Children have the right to a mom and a dad, mainly because it is a mom and a dad that produce a child, not two men or two women. Children have the right to be raised by a mother and a father, - Pope Francis. The mothering and fathering are different, and this difference is good for the child’s upbringing. The mother play an important role in the child’s life from the day of conceiving and until the child is past their teens. She helps to develop the childes ability to communicate, sense of security, solving problems, understanding responsibility and helping the child to develop a social arena. All this do make sense, since women are often softer, are always taking responsibility and women are more social then men. Will a child get this if he or she lives with a house with two dads? No. Over to the fathers, their involvement is positive for the child’s education, physical health and having a father in the home gives a sense of authority,
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