Comparing The Foster Care System And Homosexuals

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I) Introduction – The Foster Care system and Homosexual’s being able to adopt both show through research to provide many benefits to a child in need. Although neither seems to be the best option, people seem to have rooted for one more than the other due to sexual orientation, but what for? Doesn’t both foster care and homosexual adoption provide love and care for children or is one more suitable for children than the other? Through personal research it seems as if Homosexual’s adopting children is just as good as a child remaining in the Foster Care system (Claim). II) Homosexuals deserve the right to parent just as heterosexuals do (Reason). A) In 2006 it was made legal in several states so that must mean that extensive research by professionals…show more content…
III) Homosexuals can provide the love, care and home that a child needs (Reason). A) Homosexuals work and know what it means to provide a home not only for themselves but for a child (Warrant). B) According to the article “Gay Parenting Pros and Cons” by Crystal Lombardo gay parents are about the benefits of the new family unit and its impact to society, they are able to help in focusing on the child’s welfare and are able to give the child they adopt the opportunity of living in a loving family which they have not yet experienced (Backing). 1) According to the article “Pros & Cons of Foster Care” children and the family involved in the foster care system not only have many resources available to them provided such as education, but they also receive a small amount of money to help the foster family in providing for the child (Rebuttal). IV) Homosexuals are still people regardless of sexual orientation and deserve to parent without interference from peoples judgements and beliefs
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