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Gay Adoption Adoption has been around for many years, people just need to show that they are qualified parents to adopt. There are many orphans in this world that want a family, but there is not enough families or parents to take them in. There are not that many families that can or will take children in, wether it is because they cannot support them financially or they have children of their own. The main result is that there are so many orphan children that want a loving family. Gay adoption is a solution to this problem. There are so many loving parents that want children, but will not be allowed because they are homosexual. Their are so many children hoping and wishing for a loving family, but homosexual people are not allowed to. If…show more content…
Gay adoption will help lower the orphan percentage and allow children to have a family they always wish of having. Adoption should be legal for everyone that is qualified to be a good and responsible parent. The homosexual man deserve children as well because their are humans too they should be seen the same as straight people everyone should be treated equal. Society has a image of a “perfect” family that includes a father and a mother of opposite sex. Today, more and more gay couples are becoming parents. According to LGBT adoption “An estimated 65,500 adopted children are living with a lesbian or gay parent.” More children in America are getting adopted by gay couples and the numbers are still…show more content…
In the United Sates there are many children without homes. Most of these children are stuck at foster homes until they reach the age of eighteen or adopted. Not all children get adopted and ares stuck in foster homes until they are called an adult. Children jump from home to home and do not really have a stable house to call home or get comfortable. They are many parents out their trying to adopt but cannot because of the restrictions they have. Someone’s sexual preference should not matter if they are capable to raise and care for a child. Less children would be in foster homes if homosexuals would have the right to adopt. The limitation homosexuals have on adopting a child is large but if all states were to except it they would be less children in foster care and more in a home with people they could call family for ever. Older children are more likely not to get adopted because they are young teens and people would rather adopt a baby because they want to raise them young and believe they wouldn 't be able to handle a older kid. About 40,000 infants are placed in foster care every year and about 126,000 children are currently available for adoption. More than 20,000 children each year never leave the system and remain in foster care until they "age out.” The percentage rate of the foster care system would go down if it was legal for homosexuals to adopt in all states. The children would be in a safe home with a family that loves

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