Gay Adoption: The Pros And Cons Of Homosexuals

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Everyone is born equal, whether their black or white, homosexual or heterosexual. Most people may have sexual preferences and others will treat them different for how they is. Even though the Bible maintains a hard statement on Heterosexual. Homosexuality has become a reality in this world and it is time to stop it. Being homosexual may prevent you from living a normal life. According to (Mary. E. Williams) during courtroom debates people state that preventing homosexual from adopting protects children from being negatively influenced. For them just being homosexual it can take their dream goal of having a family or child to an end. Even though Gays can’t produce they still have to chants of adoption which should not be allowed. Gay adoption…show more content…
It would be great for a child to be put in a loving and caring home but now with homosexual parents. Raising a child in being homosexual may influence the child to be something they are not or even confuse the child about their own sexuality. All children follow their parent footsteps, so they do what they see. Becoming a parent it’s not easy, a parent is considered someone who is caring for you and wants the best in your life. Parents are responsible for lots of things in a child life, their responsible for their education, their well-being, decisions, safety, and the respect their child show to others. Gay parents may not have the same responsibility as heterosexual parents. All parents should be there for their child whenever needed. Every parent have their duties for their child whether they’re heterosexual or homosexual. Being gay may have problems in being a good parent to the child.In being homosexual you never know if you and your partner will be together as long as you live. Consequences can start between you and your partner and you can end up splitting up for the little’s of problem. Why choose adoption if you don’t know what place your at with your partner. Adopting a child is not just having a friend it is to take on the legal responsibilities as parent of a child that is not one's…show more content…
They may not feel as comfortable about their self and feel alone when being with others. Homosexual children can be lead to drugs and alcohol of the stress which is not good for any child. Other kids will give them a hard time just because their parents and because of who they is. Children may have already be experiencing bullying in school and one of these reasons may be because they have parents that are homosexual. This can lower down a child’s self-esteem and they would most likely feel bad about their selves. There are some kids that wouldn’t have the role model of a male or female because of the LGBT relationship of their parents. A child would feel abandoned if they may not have that parent they need. If this stays like this the future generation would most likely not be what anybody expected. This could be like segregation but gay segregation. Kids might think that being friends with the same sex could only be friends with their same sex and they may start to talk bad about them. Some people might say that it’s good to be in a relationship with your same sex because of a bad experience they might of have in the past, or probably as simple as that they are more attracted to the same sex than their opposite sex. So now I ask you what it would possibly be if the future generation of lawyers, doctors, business people, and other careers were all in homosexual relations.

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