Gay Conversion Therapy Argumentative Essay

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Sexual orientation is a challenging subject for those who have no viable knowledge with the matter. For those who deal with sexual orientation confusion, coming to terms with oneself is a challenge. For those who are homosexual, and grow up in the Catholic Church, are subjected to gay conversion therapy to rid them of their sins. Gay conversion therapy is the act of treating homosexuals as though they are diseased of the mind and must be cured of their illness, their homosexual thoughts. Homosexual boys and men are either forced into conversion therapy or make a voluntary choice to attend because they were raised to believe their sexuality is unnatural. While some may argue that it could help the homosexual individual become closer to God, therapists should not allow gay conversion therapy because it takes away their fundamental human rights, discriminates against homosexuals, therefore, forcing them to conform to society's standards, and is damaging to the mental health of clients subjected to the treatments. Gay conversion therapy, although seemingly fading out of social normality, is a form of therapy used to…show more content…
Simply because they see these individuals as different and do not understand how human sexuality truly operates, people assume whatever anyone on the LGBTQ+ spectrum is doing, is wrong. Robert-Jay Green (2003) uses his article to point out the flaws of therapists who solely support gay conversion therapy because of their religion. He targets one therapist in particular, Rosik, who lets his own religious bias claim the forefront of his medical practice. Rosik seems not to feel that homosexuality is a legitimate moral choice and presumably would have a hard time or find it impossible to work with clients who start out and wish to remain lesbian or gay or wish to increase their self-acceptance (p.
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