Persuasive Essay On Gay Marriage

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Lena Duong
ENC 1101 Fall B
December 4, 2013
Research Essay
Same-Sex Marriages You want to know what I think about gay marriage? I think that people should be allowed to marry whoever they want to marry, whether it's man to woman, man to man, or woman to woman, whatever the case may be. It is not fair to ban something that means nothing but love. "It is love- not biology- that makes a family" (Roleff 44). Marriage doesn't have anything to do with the gender of the couple; marriage is about two people, who love each other, coming together and being able to share their life together, and creating something beautiful. "It is no one else's business if two men or two women want to get married. Two people of the same sex who love each other should
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"One proposal in Washington state would take children away from their gay parents and place them in foster care- an astonishing cruelty in the name of family values" (Roleff 42). Is that what you want for children, for them to be separated from their family? What kind of sick, cruel act is that? Oh, yeah, let's just repeat history, and do almost exactly what Hitler did: split children up from their parents. "Studies show that children raised by gay and lesbian parents are as emotionally and socially healthy as children of heterosexual parents. Children of homosexual parents...are often more tolerant and open-minded than other children" (Roleff 41). Ahh, there it is: proof that no matter what household a child is raised in, they still are just as smart and stable as other children. "Gay and lesbians make excellent parents because their children are more planned for and truly wanted" (Roleff 41). Heterosexual couples a lot of times seem to get pregnant accidentally and cannot care for, or in some cases do not care for, the child. They can become neglected, abandoned, or abused by the parent(s) because, well, they were/are not wanted. "Lesbians and gay men don't become parents accidentally" (Roleff 43). "If marriage is about reproduction, then infertile couples shouldn't be allowed to marry" (Gay Marriage). But with the legalization of gay marriage, more gay and lesbian couples will be
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