Gay Marriage: The Consequences Of Same-Sex Marriage

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Trends are popular nowadays. If someone has a hoverboard, others want a hoverboard, because fifteen other kids have hoverboards. The same will happen to many others causing homosexuality to increase in population. If a friend of yours thinks being gay is right and he becomes a homosexual, you would think it is right because he’s your friend that you have known for over 20 years. Is this what we really want our society to be like? Many have tried to save this world and create a better place, but we are harming it even more by approving this consideration. Many may consider the fact of Same-Sex marriage being illegal for it ruins kids chances in having a traditional family, it is offensive to many religions and harms society, and it is unnatural. How would you feel if you were adopted? Left out, unloved, lost. You may feel bad for many kids in such conditions in life. Conversely, imagine if you were adopted by parents that were homosexual. Imagine what you would feel then. Loss, hatred, grief, fear. Studies from the “National Institutes of Health — suggested that children of same-sex parents suffered from higher rates of depression over time, along with higher rates of obesity and suicidal ideation.” As we say over and over many times “Our children 's futures are in our hands.” If we are going to suffer our kids through depression because we decide to be homosexual that’s one explanatory reason for why we can’t achieve the best future for our kids. Homosexuality is a bad

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