Gay Marriage: The Positive Effects Of Same-Sex Marriage

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The date was June 26, 2015 and American lives nationwide were forever changed. Marriage between two people of the same sex is now legal and they are able to confess their vows to each other and have the same marriage rights as those of different genders. The effect of this however, is that it changes the way the people view each other and the discrimination issues it creates. Not only is America changed but society, including children, and the definition of marriage from a federal standpoint. Society is negatively affected by same-sex marriage because it is still viewed as separate and different, procreation for society is between a man and a women, and it takes way the mother and father figure. Opponents argue that same-sex marriage positively affects society since children are able to flourish with same-sex parents, marriage does not need to be between a man and a women for procreation purposes, and same-sex married couples are not viewed as seperate from society but have equal dignity. Foremost, children are not affected by having parents of the same-sex and are still able to succeed in life. Not having either a mother or a father does not change how the child will grow up. Comparatively, marriage is no longer seen as between a man and a woman. Since the is true there is no need to procreate because society is large enough and couples can adopt instead of having children. Now there is no need to force couples to procreate which positively affects how we see and view

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