Gay Marriage: The Pros And Cons Of Homosexual Marriage

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On a warm summer day, the families of two lovers gather to witness the binding of two souls into one. Flowers adorn two split sections of chairs seated outside, and a path of flowers leads up to a gazebo where a priest awaits. A traditional organ tune begins to play, and the crowd looks back to watch as one young lover comes across and before the crowd. The priest performs an elegant ceremony. Vows are exchanged. Hearts are promised to one another until they are parted by death. Finally, the two young men are permitted to kiss. The above imagery would be found appealing to all but the most thorough love-cynics up until the last line. However, for many, the binding of hearts, the vows of love, and the kiss of passion and care are all rendered moot by the fact that these lovers are men. Were it a man and a woman, the union of these above souls would be universally celebrated. When the union is instead homosexual in nature, the love is often considered to be harmful rather than harmless, sinful instead of sacred.
This paper explores a single perspective, which is in support of homosexual marriage. Since homosexual marriage is just a variation of heterosexual marriage, with only the couple being of the same gender, such marriage ought to be legalized provided there is no fundamental disagreement present the interests of the couples. Just like the heterosexual marriage, the gay marriage serves equally crucial legitimate interests of the couples. This paper

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