Gay People In Thailand

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Thailand is a country that is called as "the gay capital of Asia". Society of Thailand is open to people identified as LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and transgender) and have a large community and activists of LGBT. Thailand is also a country-friendly to LGBT travelers looking for a gay bar as well as a clinic that serves transgender surgery. The development of transgender and gay people are very rapid. But, what makes Bangkok is not really a gay-friendly city? Thailand is known for many Kratoey “ladyboy” who is known to have a beauty that is not less competitive with the original women. Because of his beauty, people who is from outside Thailand going to think that kratoey as “women”. Whereas actually they are a girls imitation. Even this phenomenon is then shared in a virtual world over the world. And the more horrendous is in Thailand country 's many gay couples or gay. However, the most numerous and most get world 's attention is a gay couple.
This is a description that in Thailand is a paradise for homosexuals. In fact, this country seemed to give facilities for same-sex couples. This is because the number of tourist spots that is dedicated to couples likes them.
One of the most popular tourist attractions among same-sex couples is in the tourist area of Patong, Phuket. Where along the way of the road Exit at Paradise Complex located in the west coast town of Patong is devoted to gay couples.
Not only this, but in the Thai capital, Bangkok also widely available that

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