Toyota's Information Management Strategy

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In conclusion, both of this brand have their own advantages and disadvantages. As a new company Geely have to do a lot Researched and development activities to generate new idea that can help them to growth and compete with other huge company. Base on the Porter 5 forces model between both of this company, it shows that Toyota have a competitive advantages in producing their product. Comparative advantages is the ability of a firm or individual to produce goods and / or services on the opportunity cost is lower than other companies or individuals. The comparative advantages gives the company the ability to sell goods and services at lower prices than its competitors and realize stronger sales margin. Toyota is a well know company which is export…show more content…
Information Management Strategy is designed to provide a vision, priorities and plan for the best use of the company information assets. It aims to position the company for the future, taking an overall issues, sustainable approach to the development of robust systems infrastructure, good information governance, and an organisational culture of information sharing. There is a lot of tools can be used in this company to improve their management, technology, marketing and so on. All of this tools will come from a chapter that we learn. 1) IT Infrastructure and Support Systems.(chapter 2) In this chapter, it will explain about types of information system and data process, types of IS used to support business operation and decision makers, how it support supply chains and business process and understand about the attributes, benefits, and risk of services-based and cloud computing infrastructure. Types of Information system and support will be divided into two pat which is Management support system and Operation support system. Management support system also will divided into two which is Management information system(MIS) and Decision support system (DSS) same goes to Oeration support system, there is another two part which is Transaction processing data (TPS) and Process control system. Geely automotive company use this system to enchant their sales order, payroll, accounting, financial, marketing, purchasing and inventory…show more content…
There is three part in every organization ehich is operational level, managerial level, and strategies level. Based on this topic I suggest to Geely Company to develop a sub-system which is can help operational level worker doing their work. As example, Geely can develop a sub-system for manufacturing and production, this system will help worker in term of purchasing materials, quality control, scheduling, shipping and receiving materials from other. By using this system, it can increase performance for Geely

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