Geico False Dichotomy

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In this Geico ad, they use false dichotomy, which says that there are only two options. This ad uses bright green, delicious looking apples which appeal to viewers as the good choice. Representing “the other guy” they only provide a small portion of the apple to represent you getting less of what you deserve. A false dichotomy is a type of informal fallacy which something is falsely claimed to be an "either/or" situation when there is at least one additional option. Geico claims that the only choice you have is either them, or the other guy. This is an example of Aristotle's appeal to logos, which is making the consumer think that there are only two options brings a better chance of Geico being the number one choice. Though this ad only shows…show more content…
Advertisers use rugged to show that even in the harshest conditions their shoe will always keep you comfortable. Hasty generalization is an informal fallacy of false generalization, based on insufficient evidence. This ad is an example of Aristotle's appeal to ethos. Advertisers use this fallacy with no evidence of these shoes being comfortable in rugged conditions, as well as being more comfortable than other brands. While being an outdoor shoe, the brand still keeps a clean and comfortable looking shoe that appeals to consumers who want to be comfortable while in difficult terrain. While this ad may be successful many of the consumers will look past the claim of their shoe being the best and realize that other brands may be just as good. In this political cartoon, the artist uses bandwagon. This cartoon shows Trump trying to persuade other Republicans to join the bandwagon by saving them a seat which is represented by a toilet seat. The bandwagon is used when representing a cause or activity that has quickly become popular, this fallacy is also an example of Aristotle's appeal to ethos. It is trying to persuade other Republicans to join Trump’s racism, vulgarity, and conspiracies by using appeal to

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