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“Geladas are stocky large primates with dark brown to buff coarse pelage and with dark brown faces and lighter, pale eyelids” (Primate). Theropithecus gelada is how scientists categorize the gelada. The highlands of Ethiopia are where they were first observed. Their height is a range of 19.7 to 29.1 inches. Female geladas generally weigh less than males at about 24.3 pounds, while males weigh about 40.8 pounds. These magnificent creatures are known for their bizarre traits. “Most characteristic of geladas is the hairless hour-glass shapes pin or red area of skin located on the chest” (Primate). My research will show geladas appealing characteristics, their fascinating habitat, unique diet, and their life cycle, making the gelada the most marvelous critter in the world. geladas live in chilly areas in Ethiopia, in the Simien Mountains in Gich and Sankaber. In the Horn of Africa in either the Ethiopian highlands or mountain grasslands are where geladas thrive. “This species is associated with with rocky gorges pecipipes, and more land” (IUCN Red List). Ninety-nine percent of the time geladas are on the ground in this cool environment. Even when there is a storm is raging geladas will huddle together for shelter. geladas live in an incredible habitat. Although geladas are not endangered, their population is decreasing. One…show more content…
This type of animal has a lot of remarkable traits, such as the red hour-glass shaped patch of skin on their chest. Geladas also have an interesting diet. Geladas are not endangered at this time, but their population is decreasing. “Geladas are shot as crop pests, and have been trapped as laboratory animals” (IUCN Red List). Their diet consists of grass blades which is more than 90 percent of their diet. Geladas are astonishing animals that should be better known in the world

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