Gellan Gem Lab Report Essay

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Gellan Gum was procured from Sigma (USA), Calcium Chloride dihydrate and CuSO4, 5H2O are supplied by Merck, India. All other reagents were of analytical grade.
Photo calorimeter (EI Digital photo colorimeter), mechanical shaker (Uptin 2MLH Magnetic Stirrer), pH meter (Toshiba, India)
Preparation of new biomaterial hydrogel
1. 10 ml distilled water is measured by micropipette and poured in a small beaker.
2. Gellan gum (100mg) is effectively weighed.
3. The measured amount of the gellan gum is then added very slowly to the beaker while stirring at constant rate with magnetic stirrer.
4. The stirring process is continued till the sample powder gets properly dissolved within the volume provided. This takes about 30-45 minutes in average.
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Constant stirring while mixing causes development of gas bubbles in the viscous preparation. So kept for 15 minute to assure the layering of gas bubbles out.
6. After that 20ml of 0.5M calcium chloride dehydrate solution is taken with accurate measurement and placed with a magnetic stirrer and rotation is maintained within 100-200rpm to prevent hindrance in the crosslinking process.
7. Now viscous solution is pulled into a syringe of 10ml and drop wise made to fall into the crosslinking solution. The needle of the syringe is hold at distance 1.5-2cm above the calcium chloride solution.
8. When all the polymer solution is cross linked to small micro beads, it is washed well with distill water to remove the adherence of extra calcium chloride on the surface of prepared beads.
9. Then wet mass of beads is measured in an analytical balance using butter paper. Weight of the beads obtained is deducted with the mass of the paper as it also contains some absorbed water molecule.
10. Measured beads were placed in petry dishes. It is allowed to dry well for a day and again the weight of dry beads is measured. Then the dry beads were kept in desiccators until further

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