Gelly Kelly Analysis

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On June 2, 1953, the coronation of Elizabeth ii at London's Westminster Abbey was attended by American director, actor and choreographer gene kelly.A staff member of MCA records invited kelly to his balcony, but it was raining hard, and kelly and her family were blocked in the crowd.At that moment, the announcer's voice came out of the loudspeaker at the scene: "ladies and gentlemen, please join gene kelly in the rain song."The theme song of the movie "the song of the rain" goes off, and thousands of people live and sing...Mr. Kelly recalled that the oscars and the golden globes were all clouds, a scene that he would never forget.
Gene kelly was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on August 23, 1912, the 100th anniversary of his birth.Kelly's
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He'd have to voice later.Kelly likes to make some innovations. He plays the newspaper and the good weather in the summer tour. He puts a lid on the toe of his shoe, and he also dances in roller skates.Astaire worked with his sister until he became famous, and kelly's partner was his brother, which affected their future dance style.Astaire is more capable of sparring with a female partner, and his tap dancing is based on ballroom dancing, especially the waltz.Kelly doesn't have a co-star, and he has more fun and freedom to work with his co-stars, as well as juggling and marrying ballet.Kelly is a French freak who is obsessed with ballet, but is said to have learned only the upper body movements of ballet.The differences in dance styles also affect the two men's image in the film. Astaire always wears a tuxedo, which is matched with his dance steps, elegant, noble and light.Kelly is casual and more approachable, with a shirt and khaki pants.Kelly is envy Astaire: "his noble rocks is so calm, calm, he wear a hat to wear the dress looks like from the farm, or if I was dressed like a truck driver."The two men had a few minutes of cooperation in the "zig fei song and dance troupe" in 1949, the same game, an elegant and a masculine one, creating an unforgettable scene for the
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