Gemcitabine Research Paper

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The Anti-Cancer Chemotherapy Drug Gemzar / Gemcitabine

Gemzar or Gemcitabine (the generic name) is a anti-cancer chemotherapy drug, used in cancer patients. Gemzar is one of many drugs used in a group of drugs called antimetabolites. The antimetabolites are cells that are similar to the normal cells, they difference is these other cells have different shapes. The structure of theses cells are slightly different. With the antimetabolites this stops the cells from working correctly. This drug treats breast, ovarian, pancreatic, lung, and bladder cancer. When cells are not working correctly in the body this causes a problem, the cells start to mutate and things start happening to the body, such as cancer. The chemical formula and structure for Gemzar. The chemical formula for Gemzar is C9H11F2N3O4. The chemical structure for Gemcitabine
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How Gemcitabine is administered / given. Gemcitabine is given intravenously (through an IV) directly to the bloodstream. Gemcitabine is a clean liquid. It can be administered through a thin, short tube such as a cannula to then be put into the vein in the patient's arm each time the patient comes for treatment. Or it may be given through a central line, a portacath, or a PICC line. The objects just listed are long, plastic tubes that give the drugs a direct way into one of the large veins in the patient's chest. A tube can be inserted just before the patient starts this round of chemo. The tube stays in place for as long as the patient need it to be. When using a drip it will usually take about half and hour. Some patient on Gemzar / Gemcitabine experience different effects. The effectiveness varies from patient to patient depending on the cancer that they have. Some patient say the can tell a difference and other can't. It helps some patients and does not have others. Some patients are grateful for the medication. They really see and change and are living because of Gemcitabine /
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