Current Events: Gender Equality

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Current Events: Gender Equality

Group Leader: Valeria Montejo.
Group Members: Maria Alejandra Gomez, Jessica Julio, Maria Jose Colpas and Valeria Montejo.

Give out flyers in public and commercial places to raise awareness of the citizens.
Interview some citizens and know what to they think of this topic.
Campaigning to promote both gender equality and feminism.
Make a video with two adults in which they fight and we see the reaction of people in the public place chosen.

Situation in every continent:

Australia: Gender inequality denotes the inconsistencies between individuals due to gender. The topic covers a variety of concerns from health to equal opportunity in terms of employment and wages. Removing inequalities gives
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Antarctica: Is one of the continents in which climate change is normal ,but who knew it would also affect gender equality and most of it women.Global warning effects often pick on the poor who are exposed to bigger risk because of low quality housing and most of them are women.the outdated gender roles often exclude women from decission making problems what some times prevent them from adopting the most appropiate measures in case of emergency.

Asia: In some countries in Asia women is not considered capable of doing a certain job that a man can actually do. About half of the woman's in Malaysia are housewifes, and it’s not because they are not educated or anything, because they probably finished high school. But the chances of a women getting to college is hard, cause to make money on a country like Malaysia is kind of
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They are still thinking that the men more powerful but they are also trying to improve women in that aspect.

Africa: Gender norms – the culturally accepted ideas of how men and women should behave ; give men the power to make decisions about intimate relationships and family affairs, which are not always done in the best interests of women. They can discrimanate them for everything, like the way they look, how they talk … etc.
Gender equality is, first and most important, a human right. Women are entitled to live in dignity, safety and security. Women who are healthy, educated and in charge of their lives contribute to the health and wealth of whole families, communities and their nations.

America:You’ve probably heard that men are paid more than women are paid over their lifetimes. But what does that mean? Are women paid less because they choose lower-paying jobs? this is called Pay Gap is another way of gender inequality, when other people take control of the others because of the gender, if is a women and women are very
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