Gender And Gender Equality

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This paper will be focusing on the topic of gender equality. It will be providing insight and understanding of, what is gender equality, the roots of gender equality and the expression it gives the society. Are there still issues that have been unresolved with gender equality? Has there been an advancement or decrease in the progress of gender equality? Has it shown affect in the workplace for both men and women? Is gender equality truly achievable? This will give you all the information that you have been waiting to see and some true facts of on gender equality is impacting our society today. Gender equality is set into place to show that no matter on which gender one is introduced as they should be given the same opportunity, rights, and status (, 2018). It focuses on starting everyone on the same line as each other leaving both same amount of opportunity and rights (CAAWS, 2018). It allows both males and females to receive same programs, treatments, and resources so one is not lacking while the other is gaining (CAAWS, 2018). It does not mean that males and females will be the same, except it gives the chance of both genders to have accessible resources (United Nations, N.D.). Born male or female they know that those resources and if they are in need, that it will be there for them (United Nations, N.D.). In 1985 the Charter of Rights and Freedoms took in to effect and added the equality section, and that became the law of every Canadian citizen (Gender
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