Gender Roles In Los Serranos

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Register to read the introduction…Television is definitely a product of modern society that has great impact on our perception of many aspects of life and in different countries it reflects different cultures. Gender roles as socially constructed concept are very interesting indicator of it. Women are expected to be caring, emotional and dependent, while men should normally be dominant, courageous and aggressive. Since the 19th century, up to now, women have been taking over more and more jobs that were previously associated with men. Fighting for their rights for years, they slowly became householders taking an enormous burden on themselves. This phenomenon is pretty much exaggerated, in the popular Spanish TV show "Los Serranos" which attracted much attention at the time when it was broadcasted in my country. It was especially favoured by teenagers as they are central figures in it. In this paper I would like to specifically focus on the gender of the characters as they were presented in it.
The main characters of this series are members of Serrano family and their closest friends. Diego Serrano, the head of the family, is a widower and a single father of three sons. He married
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He is very relaxed, positive person that does not stress about anything and has solution for every problem. He is also very smart, well educated. He listens to classic music and goes to the tether and he is loved by everybody. He is the only male that women can rely on, and that is probably why, at the end of the show it turns out that he is a homosexual. Apart from being adored by students and colleagues, he is also good friend with men in the show. He confides in them, and they usually understand and support him. However, there is always this secret conversation between guys after listening to Fernando that is not really
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