Gender And Gender Roles In The Sailor Moon

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“ I am the pretty sailor soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moon. In the name of the moon, I will punish you!” This was the famous opening speech when the heroic Sailor Moon thwarts the villain 's plans, every girl and boy who was a fan of the anime or the manga knew something magical was about to happen. Naoko Takeuchi is the creator of the Sailor Moon manga series; the adaptation of the televised anime that featured Usagi Tsukino (Serena in the US) a regular schoolgirl that discovers she is a magical sailor guardian.A sailor guardian is a protector of their home plants, thus creating sailor scouts, like Sailor Mercury (Ami), Sailor Mars( Rei), Sailor Jupiter (Lita), Sailor Venus (Mina), Sailor Uranus (Amara), Sailor Neptune ( Michelle) ,…show more content…
Continuing the topic of how Sailor Moon further pushed gender norms would be how Amara possessed both traits of male and female, an article Questions of Gender in Sailor Moon, goes on to claim, “ we get into issues of behaviors that are more accepted or put down according to societal ideas of gender roles. Because someone’s sex plays such defining role in life, it becomes important information to individuals. It should be noted that while most societies only recognize male and female, but ideally more the opposite sex. ( Questions of Gender in Sailor Moon). Many fans are of the LGBT community, and Sailor Moon was a crucial turning point of their self-realization of themselves by showing a couple that was open about their relationship, their romance dazzled us all with wonderment and hope to find someone for ourselves. The last point would be Naoko Takeuchi is her introducing gender fluid and transgendered characters this would give many fans more relatable connections with the characters along with manga. Genderfluid is defined as someone who may feel like both genders, yet does not define as one thus being called gender fluid. Amara would be in that category, she even goes far to question one of the scouts if that was even important for them to know if she was a girl or a boy because by the way she dressed. Moving over to the transgendered characters that the season they were in was not even aired in the US were the Sailor Starlights. A writer that goes in-depth of the LGBT community within the Sailor Moon series Daniel Villareal’s article How the American Release of Sailor Moon Closeted Its LGBT Characters goes on to state, “ In the show, the Star Lights become male pop stars in the hopes of attracting women (and possibly their lost princess) to their concerts, but when they transform into their superheroic Sailor forms, the Star Lights actually become female, making them one of the first transgender animated characters ever to appear on TV!” ( Daniel

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