Gender And Gender Roles

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Gender roles and stereotypes are practiced everywhere. When a girl child is made to dress in a soft and frilly clothes and male child is bought a gun, when girls are admonished for behaving like boys or boys are teased for being timid like girls, they are forced to “perform” their gender roles and stereotyped as Judith Butler in his From Interiority to Gender Perfomatives writes “Masculine and feminine roles are not biologically fixed but socially constructed”, he also adds that “When we say gender is performed, we usually mean that we have taken on a role or we are acting in some way and that our acting or our role playing is crucial to the gender that we are and the gender that we present to that world.” The society not only allocate specific and distinctive roles to male and female sexes but it also impose different sets of expectations on them, this imposition also implies that these attributes and roles may not be easily exchanged. In other words, the boys and girls are expected to be distingushed through their physical markers such as clothings, behaviours and by the way they are brought up. This idea of gender is echoed in several works of Margret Atwood, Alice Munro, Alice Walker and several other writers. Society frames some norms and expectations which define the nature and the behaviour of men and women. These norms are considered as quintessential components of social and economic systems. These norms set standards for typical and ideal male and female

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