Lgbt Community Pros And Cons

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1. The violence against the LGBT community (Lesbians, bisexuals, transgender) is mostly assumed when discussing the gender-based violence issue is discussed. However, sexuality and gender are two closely linked concepts affecting both heterosexual and LGBT community. This perfectly shows the lack of information, discrimination, and lack of necessary legal protection forms of LGBT in most countries across the world. In the society, there are gender and gender roles. There are individuals who subscribe to the view that gender is biological while the other claims that gender is socially constructed. Either way, children born are ascribed gender roles based on their sex. With regards to the thus, relationships, marriages or sexual intercourse should…show more content…
What bothers me is the idea of governments tolerating the violence against the LGBT community. Most countries exhibit many contradictions Even though the routine themselves to be liberal democracies with the constitution to guarantee all human rights to every citizen, some citizens, government institutions, some human rights groups reject calls to respect the LGBT people. The liberal governments are supposed to be secular states inspired by the need to live free from discrimination based on religion, sex, tribe, country of origin, and others. In the secular liberal country, claiming that the LGBT community violates the moral precepts of the Bible and that these people deserve to be torn into pieces is a move that must be opposed by at least the reasoning citizens. If some members of the society think that LGBT people should be criminalize, then it would also be important to criminalize adultery—this is against the Ten Commandments in the same bible. There is need to tolerate the LGBT community; we should change laws if we expect to change attitudes against the community. There are homosexual men who never engage in a sex relationship with other men and the heterosexual men who will engage in it. Also, there are heterosexual couples who do so too. The society fails to discriminate against the heterosexual couples who take part in buggery. It is not possible to live in an organized society with acceptable principles that govern sexual conduct considering the fact that people have different sources of morality (like religion, nationality, cultures, and others). What should be guiding principal in the society are adopting actions that will ensure that every citizen is happy and that no one is used as means to ends. The actions of the LGBT community have no direct or indirect harm to heterosexual men and

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