Gender And Gender: The Role Of Women In Football

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Throughout the years women have gained rights in many aspects of society but in football they are still treated as second class compared to men. The idea comes from the concept that men began playing football first and they are better suited to the game as well as them generating more publicity and income. Many believe that women should not have a right to decide on whether they can participate with men because football is known for its open display of masculinity, brute physicality and controlled violence. Women as a collective do not develop the physicality to compete with men as they grow therefore allowing them to choose does don’t keep them protected. In addition to protecting men it also allows men to continue dominating the sport because if women were added into the male side of the game it could slow down the progression of the game. Men, for many years have had dominance over women at work. It was only in the early 1900s that women in the UK were given the right and freedom to work through reforms. But even after these reforms men have still been dominant in jobs and have always been ahead of women in football. Past stereotypical physical descriptions of each gender lead to many sports being labelled as traditionally male or traditionally female (Gender diversity, 2016) and football is a traditional male sport. The advantage is men have bigger power in football and most changes in football are introduced and determined based on them and their needs. It can be argued

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