Gender And Gender Violence

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1.1 Introduction
According to Bloom, (2008) gender violence includes sexual assault rape; relationship violence in the man and woman and same sex partnerships, harassment of sexual nature, stalking, prostitution and sex trafficking. Gender violence brings out the idea that at times violence serves to maintain structural gender inequalities which includes any violence against men, women, children and all of different sexual orientation. Gender relations greatly influence this type of violence. In order to address this issue, we have to address cultural matters that encourage violence as part of masculinity (Bloom 2008). Gender based violence is predominantly a male-patterned violence: a prevalent violence committed most often but not always by men and it is often motivated by aggression, revenge, competition, and entitlement. Gender based violence also includes sexual and other violence against women, partners and children.
The Centre for Rights Education and Awareness, (2006) viewed Gender Violence as the physical sexual and psychological violation against both men and women, which occurs within the family and the community and is condoned by the government. From the female perspective it can also be defined as violence against women based on women’s lesser status in the society. This includes any act or threat by men or male dominated institutions that is intended to cause physical, sexual or psychological harm to a woman or a girl because of their gender.

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