Gender And Language And Gender Stereotypes In Archie Comics

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For this written task of gender and language, I have chosen to write a blog entry. During my class, we studied the different kinds of gender stereotypes – personality traits, domestic behaviors, occupations and physical appearance. Since my early days of childhood, I have been reading Archie Comics. I thought that writing a blog entry would be a good written task to explore gender stereotypes in Archie Comics, and that it is the most appropriate text type as I can state my opinion. In the comic book, the theme is sexism and I wanted to express this through narration, dialogues between characters, the appearance of female characters and their personalities. The comic is targeted at male comic readers, mostly teenagers. I will be writing a blog entry on how women are being portrayed in Archie Comics. The blog has a clear purpose, which is to raise awareness and stop gender discrimination, as it would have a negative impact on teenagers that enjoy reading comics. They would grow up thinking that the male gender is more dominant, and it would give them the wrong perception that there is a distinction between men and women. The blog shows my understanding of the written task as I address gender stereotypes in this particular comic, in hopes to empower women in our society and put an end to any form of gender discrimination. After a four years hiatus, I’m back to blogging…. for the time being. Remember the popular American comic book series Archie? At this point, I’ve

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