Gender And Language: The Relationship Between Language And Gender

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What is Language?
Language is a way through which human beings communicate with one another. It is specific quality that is only present in human beings. It can either be in spoken or written form. It is because of language we are able to exchange our ideas, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, knowledge as well as our imaginations. In other words we can define language as a system of communication through the combination of words into sentences. The scientific approach towards language is known as Linguistics.

What is Gender?
The word “Gender” is a social phenomenon used for defining men and women. It is derived from Latin word ‘genus’ and ‘gendre’ (old French word) that means sort or kind. It is fixed by the origination of errands, tasks and parts assigned to men and women in public area and in their private life. It is constructed socially not biologically determined as the output of sexual traits of both men and women. Sex is different from gender as it refers the biological and physical difference i.e. maleness and femaleness.

Relationship between language and Gender
Language and Gender are interrelated with each other because men and women use different interactional patterns. The distant male and female interaction styles has achieved worldwide acceptance, to the extent that they entered popular ‘common sense’. Many linguists worked on the relationship between language and Gender and proposed different theories but some prominent theories are as following:-
1:- Deficit

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