Reflection On Child Observation

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My oldest daughter, Sofia, is doing very well adapting to social situations. As she becomes older, she continues to be doing much better interacting with children in her age group, which is a relief because when she was a toddler she took a while to warm up to new people. She is developing “best-friends” and I encourage play dates on a regular basis. At a kindergarten prep session, one of the teachers stated that Sofia got along with the other children well and was able to form a few new friendships at the session. More than a year later, Sofia’s first grade report card praised her for working well with peers in groups, respecting others, and demonstrating good social interaction. The only concern in regard to social situations outside the home is that Sofia has become very aware of gender roles, she has a very fixed mindset about the subject and believes that each gender should only participate in their specified, stereotypical roles. I have tried to resolve the issue by pointing out many things that both women and men can do. Even though I accept that playing with the same gender and not allowing the other gender to…show more content…
Sofia is a well-rounded child and behaves very well most of the time. Her personality has obviously grown with her age, but she is very much similar to the child she has been since she was an infant. As an infant and a younger child, Sofia was shy around new people. As she grew older it appeared to me that this behavior was novel for her age level, because she grew out of the shyness as her personality developed and as she became more independent. Although Sofia is overall a wonderful child, sometimes she still makes some mistakes, such as knocking something over at the store, and she does things sometimes that she knows are not appreciated. I think that this behavior is something that has occurred throughout her development and that will continue to occur as she grows. No child is perfect, they make occasional mistakes and that is
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