Gender Roles In Our Society

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A majority of the world’s population is female. Yet despite the fact in many cultures females have often been treated as though they were a minority group. They have been the subject of strong negative stereotypes, and they have faced over discrimination in many spheres of life. (Baron, 1997) The difference in the way male and female are treated is a result of gender roles. Gender roles are the expectation, defined by society that indicates what appropriate behaviour is for men and women. Because of these roles, some aspects of the life of a person like, early childhood, sexuality and cultural institution can greatly be affected. Assigning gender roles can start as early as the birth of a child. Here lies the known tradition that blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Since when did color even belong to a certain gender? Part of…show more content…
Mainly because it is easier to conform than to do something completely daring and new. If an individual tries to do something out of the box, he/she must be a risk-taker. Moreover, human beings want to be loved and accepted by the people around them is another reason why people just end up conforming to gender roles. Conclusion: The extreme prevalence of gender roles in our society is in fact very unfortunate. Stereotype or a specific profession clearly, all people are affected by ongoing issue of gender inequality. This is why the reseachers of this argumentative paper strongly assert to put an end to gender roles because they greatly affect the career and life of a person. Putting women in a box wherein society tells them that they have limited capabilities will forever tell a little girl that she cannot be an engineer because of the sole fact that she is a woman. Little boys who have dreams of becoming nurses will always feel ashamed of revealing their dream jobs because of the fear of being ridiculed for in this society,being a nurse is considered “not
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