Gender Attitudes Towards Online Shopping

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Nowadays, internet has become an important part of modern society. We can surf internet by using computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone. These technologies have influenced almost all aspects of daily life; from education to communication, from entertainment to business. Students are the working generation of tomorrow and will be very likely to spend a large amount of their money on the goods that they like. They are computer and internet literate and not as worried towards online transactions as the majority of society. Due to their student status, they all are permanent internet users since students have to surf internet looking for academic materials. They spend more time infront of the computer than most of the people. Therefore students…show more content…
1. To examine the relationship between attitude and online shopping intention 2. To find out how gender profiles influence consumers’ attitude towards online shopping 3. To determine the factors that lead students to shop online 1.4 Scope of study The scope in this research is university students and online shopping. We know that this is the era where we can do everything through online. Hence, I want to focus on their attitude towards online shopping. Shopping can be traditional or modern. Traditional shopping is shopping at the shop; meanwhile modern shopping is through shopping through online. According to Li (2011), online shopping can be done without the constraint of the time and the place while traditional shopping has its constraints of the shop hours and the location of the business. Due to this modern era with advance technology, I want to know whether the students using the technology to the fullest. This research is also to find out which gender preferable to shop online the most. Besides, I also want to find out what is the reason of them choosing to shop online. Therefore, I choose the students that have the access to the internet as the…show more content…
This literature review focused on three aspects that connected with attitude of consumer toward online shopping. Which are the factors of the consumer shopping online, the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online, the demography (Gender) of the consumers in shopping online and the theory that have been used in previous research. According to the studies conducted by (Yulihasri, Md. Aminul & Ku Amir, 2011), the results of several progressions reveal that trust and perceived usefulness are significantly related to online purchase intention among university students in Malaysia. Compatibility and usefulness have been found as the most important to effect students’ attitude for shopping on Internet (Yulihasri, Md. Aminul & Ku Amir, 2011). Sometimes students need to buy some important stuff such as reference book. Some of the reference books are not available in the nearby store. Therefore, the students need to buy the books from the online

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