Gender Barriers Of Women In Society

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Women were not typically presented as being inferior to men and having more leadership qualities. Education was regarded as important for both genders, but men typically had more accessible access to education since they were regarded as being people who can own land and make most of the decisions. Needless to say, this was disheartening for the women because they were typically stuck pursuing the same roles on a day to day basis. Education during this time period came a long way from what it used to be, and women were finally able to become educated citizens Education of women during this time helped reduce the gender barriers, gave women the ability to become educated and functional members of society, and it gave women a sense of hope that things could become better. Gender barriers were always prevalent in American society. Men were viewed as being the financial supporters of the family and usually provided for the family by farming or purchasing land while women were typically viewed as the care takers and the people who took care of the family. Since women primarily focused on the family, they were not seen as being the main source of the income for the family even though they had qualifications for something better. Women’s perception differed depending on their social class. According to the summary about the book “Confederate Daughters: Coming of Age during the Civil War”, elite white women tried to maintain their status and were trained to become wives and

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