Gender Bias In Antigone

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Society’s Dilemma Many biblical historians say that Adam was the first human and Eve was made from Adam’s rib. Since women came from men, it can be said that society has grown to become male dominant, otherwise known as gender biased. According to Macmillan Dictionary, “Gender Bias is the unfair difference in the treatment of men or women because of the sex”. In agreement with this, Sophocles “Antigone” portrays males as strong, independent and ego driven figures. However, women are portrayed as obedient, fragile, submissive, and law abiding figures. Disbelief, fear, and anger fuels characters in Greek male dominant society. Sophocles implements disbelief in the play to express women's roles in society. In the play’s, Climax, Creon and Haemon have a verbal disagreement. Creon states” Truly if she wields such power uncensored, she is man” (Sophocles 18). Sophocles conveys clear signs of understatement of women in society. He compares Antigone’s decisions to that of a man. This displays men’s…show more content…
In “Antigone” many actions suggest how women are often considered law abiding figures. Antigone’s sister Ismene, show cowardice when told Antigone’s plot. She states “We must remember we are women born, Unapt to cope with men”. (Sophocles 3). Women in Thebes were shown to be afraid to stand up. When Antigone stood up for what she thought was right the whole city commended her. Although, if she was to become content with her status in society, her voice would’ve never been heard. On the other hand, men were constantly involved in political concerns. In fact, the chorus was constructed of the old wise men of Thebes. Also, only men had the ability to inherit kingship over Thebes. After the Death of Oedipus, Eteocles, and Polyneices, Brother of Jocasta, Creon became the next option. One can infer from this, woman was never given a political role with the potential power to overriding any
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