Gender Bias In The Song 'Dope And Face'

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Gender Bias Essay
The two songs being compared and contrasted are “Dope” by BTS and “Face” by Nu’est. The song “Dope” is upbeat and catchy. The melody is so great you’ll want to learn the dance along with them. “Face” is a pop song that rocks the synths and cool drum sounds. Even they are both amazing songs, they have a few gender biases. The great boy bands portray gender biases such as men shouldn’t be weak, strong males are more successful, and being average or under average is unattractive.
The first example of gender bias in these songs is men shouldn’t be weak. In the song “Face,” there is a boy being bullied. They lyrics say he shouldn’t ask for help. This implies that asking for help would indicate that he is weak. In the song “Dope,”
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“Dope” shows this by saying, “different from all the other guys, with my style.” This is saying that guys who have ‘style’ are superior to those who don’t. In the song “Face,” a feminine man is unattractive. He is bullied for being himself. In the same way, they both are teasing others for not being cool and attractive. The ways they show this gender bias differently are these. Nu’est says that is okay to not be attractive. BTS says that not everyone can be attractive as them, which is putting others down. Appearances are important to BTS, which explains why they’re all so attractive.
The songs written by BTS and Nu’est give some interesting messages. The gender biases show two different perspectives from two different groups. They have a few differences in presenting their ides, such as BTS who uses the bias to push themselves to the top, while Nu’est uses it to pull others down. Also, “Dope” has a more positive message than “Face,” “Face” being about a bullied person. “Face” and “Dope” have their similarities and differences but there are three things that stand out. Men shouldn’t be weak, under average men are unattractive, and strong males are more
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