Gender Bias In Education Essay

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STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The purpose of the study is all about determining the effects of gender bias in terms of skills among Grade 12 ABM students of Rizal High School. This research aims to know: 1. What is the personal profile of the Grade 12 students who choose ABM strand in terms of : 1.1 Gender 1.2 Age 1.3 Specialization 2. What are the skills that should be possessed by students in Accountancy and Business Management based on the student’s perspectives? 3. What are the indications of having gender bias among students? 4. How does gender bias affects the skills of ABM students? THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK Pekkarinen (2012) argues that “widening gender gap in education combined with recent wage and employment polarization will likely lead to widening inequalities and is linked to declining male labor force participation”. Poor performance of either sex is not good for the economy and society. However, Gibb Fergusson and Horwood (2008) observed that the persuasive theme on discourses of the origins of gender performance gap is that gender differences in educational achievement are largely a reflection of gender differences in classroom behavior. Proponents of inside school factors as contributors to gender…show more content…
Using gender schema theory, he explained that gender stereotypes prejudice children’s memory, thus this cognitive bias maintains stereotypes and directs subsequent processing of gender specific information. He also examined the effects of gender stereotypes on children’s recall of two stories in evaluating how children remembered or distorted gender-specific information. These findings thus support gender-schema theory, as they are evidence of biased judgment effects in the form of gendered stereotypes, and are therefore consistent with the assertion that gender schemas affect both the meaning of gendered information, and how it is
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