Gender Biases And Discrimination Of Gender Ciase

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Gender biases and discrimination is a topic which has been discussed since the suffrage movement time of the early 19th century in America and other parts of the world. Most people, feminist mostly, have argued that gender difference was created due to the perceptions of people in the society on male and female, and the type of upbringing of children by their parents. Based on this difference, many have argued that the female gender has shoulder a burden of discrimination in the society and is continuously facing sexual abuse and harassments which have spread in the community. This has led to banning and censorship of some of the songs, laws and even videos which seems to be spreading gender bias in the society. One of the victims of this kind of censorship is Robin Thicke. Robin is an America artist, music-producer, and songwriter. He has produced many songs. However, one of his most controversial songs which were bun was the Blurred Lines. In this song, Robin was accused of narrating a rape scene. This song has been criticized, as many people claim that it is spreading the issue of sexual harassment and this is an offense. In this case, this song is chosen in this article by the author since it is one of the perfect examples of songs whose public perceptions and reactions shows how the perception of gender difference was created in our society. Based on the lines of this songs, the author will use three class terms that are gender, social construct, and social difference,

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