Gender Communication Differences

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The aim of this study is to assess the factors that related to the gender communication differences at ADA University. As shown from studies, communication is the way to share ideas, to socialize with people that creates differences between genders. These varities may be on the conversation method of them,can be based on their personal skills. In this research, two kind of methodology section have conducted at ADA University according to students’ opinions which consists of interview part and survey. Individual interviews have been among 14 students like 7 women and 7 men. After that, findings displayed the basic communication factors in the difference of women and men such as in conversation, in the lessons. Finally, it is suggessted…show more content…
Moreover, these studies demonstrated the significance of communication between women and men. According to my other researches', genders are responsible in order to generate the way that lead to equal communication between them. As a result, there is need to investigate some factors for equal communication methods for both women and men because of considering communication as a one of the predominant factor for students' future career.
Theory or Theoretical perspective
This research is about the factors related to the varieties of gender communication among students at ADA University. This theory is based on difference between genders communication that has real connection with behavior, skills, ideas and etc. Simultaneously, theories say that women and men communicate their moral and ethical choices differently from one another. Moreover, these differences stem from different points of seeing the world (outlook) .This theory is generated by Gilligan Anderson in 1984 that has linked to biological perspective of that theory.
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Moreover, it will consist of research questions, population and data analysis.
Research Question one RQ1: What factors lead to existence of gender communication differences among students at ADA University?
This research question is the most dominant one that covers all of study. All the methodology part have based on this question.
Research Question two RQ 2:What are the main communication styles that generate varieties on genders?
This study will rely on communication styles of genders which lead to differences.
Research Question three RQ 3 :Which ways can lead to equality on genders’ communication styles? In order to clarify the ways for equal communication, it is need to be identified the reasons behind it.
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