Gender Construction Research Paper

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Gender Construction defines what masculinity and femininity are in society. One thing about gender constructions is that it changes with time because masculinity and feminity are defined differently with certain cultures as well as different point in history and time. Society establishes what the differences are between males and females. It affects both sexes in believing how to behave and express their selves to society. The roles of males and females do not have a concrete definition because it is always changing with ideas of what is considered masculinity and feminity. Gender Construction occurs in this country in various ways whether it be done consciously or unconsciously. Gender continuously changes as time passes for example, women back then…show more content…
In example, women have to cook for the family and the first to be served are men and small children. Usually, the women do not sit down because they are either flipping the tortillas or serving the men food again. This custom is probably the one I hate the most because men have the ability to serve and cook for themselves but since they are seen as the providers of the family and too masculine to do so. I usually have a hard time with this tradition, because I always get criticized by my sibling and family members for not cooking for my father or brothers. At a very early age, my mother always reminded my sister and I of our responsibilities at home. We have always been in charge of washing dishes and getting the kitchen table ready for dinner. My brothers did not have as much responsibilities as my sister and I, because they only had to take the trash out. I guess you could consider that to be more of a “masculine” chore. As a female, I was always expected to behave as one for example, “sitting like a lady” was something I was always told because I would supposedly sit to “masculine
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