Gender Depicotype And Gender Stereotype

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Gender stereotyping has been an issue within society for many years, and this issue is not decreasing. Having specific gender roles is prominent in society and happens on a daily basis, though this is also being advertised in many films. The movie, Legally Blonde (Luketic, 2001), reinforces gender-based assumptions and stereotypes in different ways. I will argue that the illustration of women in this film represent inaccurate gender stereotypes that work to point to the character that is the perfect women. I will do this by investigating three female characters and analyzing how these stereotypes show women that they should be the “perfect” women. Legally Blonde is a movie about a woman named Elle Woods, who starts as a sorority president at Los Angeles college. Her boyfriend, Warner Huntington, breaks up with her before he goes to Harvard Law School. Elle is determined to win Warner back, so she follows him to Harvard and now must navigate her way through law school. Despite her undergraduate fashion degree, Elle shows her classmates that she can succeed in the courtroom and in her love life. The targeted audience for this movie is young adult females. The female audience may be around the same age as Elle Woods, which is concerning because of the stereotypical assumptions that this movie brings upon women. Robert Luketic, the director of Legally Blonde, made his main character live up to every standard of the ‘perfect’ female. I will analyze the character of the

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