Gender Development In Pakistan

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Project Development Based On Gender Analysis

In Pakistan women and men have different roles and responsibilities, different societies living in Pakistan have different cultures, norms and values. The main purpose of gender consists of the different characteristics, behaviors and attitudes between men and women.
The status of women in Pakistani culture is different from that of western society, over here women’s main priority is Home where she plays an active role of a mother and daughter. Whereas, the role of men is to work outside and earn money for their families.
Education is the most important phenomena for the human development. It has become a vital human right and especially seeks more opportunities and independence for women. Recent studies have shown that women that are educated have experienced an increase in their wages from that of men, they also get a higher return to education. Female education helps increase the overall human development including health, children and schooling.
Gender inequalities usually occur in countries with a lower level of education. Moreover, lower income also influences education level in a household; a girl’s access to education is based on the family’s poverty level. Pakistan is a type of country that also faces gender inequality in both rural and urban areas which results in a low income, political and social status in the society. According to UNDP (1998), there has been a gender gap increase in

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