Gender Differences Are Biologically Determined Essay

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Dallas Petereit
Emma Hooi
Yifu Hu
Audrey Vist
Gender Differences are Biologically Determined Even though gender stereotypes influence any differences in cognitive abilities, there is a biological predisposition that aids the stereotypes to become a reality. The stereotypes start affecting human’s cognition regarding gender differences as early as kindergarten, which was indicated by the standardized tests. This indicates that even though, there has been some influence by stereotypes, there is a definite biological predisposition that makes the stereotypes possible to happen. Because kindergarten student had minimal prior knowledge of a subject, but there was still a separation of results between males and females, which is indicating that the brain is wired differently. Another experiment that was performed to indicate one of the gender differences was the MRI of the brain during which, men and women were asked to perform certain tasks. It was shown that while performing
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A society has determined what men and women are good at, actually influences the abilities that different genders can posses, just by stereotyping the roles and cognitive capacities of the gender. The response to counterargument is that yes, there are stereotypes that exist in current society, but the ones the body wired a certain way, it would be very hard for it to change the mapped out by DNA and chromosomes and hormones cognitive abilities. The stereotypes of the society would not be able to change the increased level of testosterone that a woman possesses, which increases her abilities to solve mathematical and spatial problems on a higher level than average man. The same way as the stereotypes would not be able to change the chromosome that one got due to the process of

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