Gender Differences Controversy: Nature Vs. Nurture Debate

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Gender Differences Controversy What is meant by the “nature” versus “nurture” debate with regard to sex differences? The gender differences were summed up via the age old debate of nature versus nurture. Nature refers to males or females innate qualities, and would explain the genders as being predisposed with their qualities from birth. Nurture refers to males and females starting off as a blank slate and influenced by the environment, life experiences, and society to develop their qualities. The debate in the video suggests that nature is the best explanation of the differences between boys and girls success in science and literature. Others strongly oppose nature and suggest that it is a nurture issue. Describe some of the research discussed…show more content…
Test scores in the math portions of the ACT show a history of boys scoring highly more frequently. Chalking off the differences to nurture could be detrimental to the education of both boys and girls. Neglecting gender differences at a larger scale could put girls even further behind in math and science, and also boys in reading and English. Physics is not about preferences, it should be about contemplating our universe. Do you think there is a “glass ceiling” for women in organizations and politics today? I do not believe there is a glass ceiling for women in organizations and politics today. I believe the glass ceiling has been broken by the minority incentives for organizations to promote women. From my experience a women today are more likely to receive a job or promotion over a Caucasian male. This is primarily due to society, government, and policies incentivizing it. The root of the debate is equality, and once policies are set in motion the pendulum of inequality is hard to balance. The Challenge of Work-Life Balance What is “stress?” How does the body respond to…show more content…
110). The body responds to stress in different ways. A person’s heart rate could increase, they could feel nauseous, tired, or start to perspire. There could also be long term effects on a person’s health if introduced to stress frequently. High routine on-the-job stress should be avoided. What are the long-term consequences of unmanaged stress? If left unmanaged stress can cause many large long term problems of a person’s mind and body. “High stress levels can contribute to cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks and strokes, and may be associated with some forms of cancer” (McShane & Von Glinow, 2015, p. 111). Stress also more commonly leads to job dissatisfaction, depression, and aggressive behavior. I as well as I believe many have experience high on-the-job stress levels. Most is usually caused by an individual or a group of individuals who make a person’s job difficult and is usually handled through “fight or flight”. Should companies be concerned with their employees’ work-life balance? What are some ways that companies might help their employees balance their work and family
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