Gender Differences In Action Movies

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When settling on an activity for a date, may couples choose to go to the movies. This is a common and often entertaining way to spend time together. Many couples choose this activity but have difficulty with picking the style of movie to watch. There are four styles of movies that are often chosen. These styles are action, romance, horror, and comedy. Each style comes with its own pros and cons but any can make the right choice.
First we have action movies, these are often chosen by the male in the couple. Action movies are exactly what it sounds like, full of action. These movies often have fight scenes, crashes, explosions, and other thrilling activities. The plot of an action movie is usually revenge, escape, assassination, oppression, or a kidnapping. All
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This style of movie provides the man with the opportunity to become the protector of the female when a certain action on the screen frightens her. The scary scenes of the movie also provide the couple with a reason to hold each other close in an effort to comfort the fears that the movie has provided.
Often the couple will agree to watch a comedy film. This style of cinema allows the couple to just relax and laugh. Laughter has been known to bond two people together. It has been found that a person wants a mate that they can laugh with and enjoy their time together. Comedy movies provide this laid back style where the two can just enjoy the movie and spending time together.
When choosing a movie, the couple needs to take into account the different classifications of movies at the theater and determine what they are looking for. The two must decide if they want action, romance, a good scare, or possible just to sit back and laugh. The most common styles of movies chosen for a date night are comedy, horror, action, and romance. One must look their mood and preference as well as how they intend for the evening when choosing a movie for their
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