Gender Differences In Prison

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Criminals are placed on a wide spectrum, ranging from small details like an IQ or how one was raised at a young age as to why one might commit a crime. Prisoners experience different experiments to understand their behavior and actions. Alongside the experiments, criminals often have different mental illnesses which could be diagnosed while there. One thing that is important to realize is how different gender roles are in a jail or prison. Prisoners often experience punishments, but there are other ways to deal with it. Many researches and studies are focusing on criminals and how certain actions are crucial to the experiments. While a lot of
Genders and Punishments Prisoners all experience jail or prison in many different ways. One common difference between different prisons are the one specific gender facilities. If they are put
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Arsons are typically more anti-social and bored. When an arson is bored, one would usually go to play with fire to entertain themselves. One would have issues talking about problems, having nothing to do while sitting inside of a jail except having the desire to play with flames. Mostly men, arsons require different treatment in order to go through prison safely. In an experiment, it is easy to point out who is an arson and who is not based off of their self-concept and emotional stability. The men would typically have lower self-esteem and hardly any awareness of the important of fire safety (Gannon). Another big issue in a prison cell is bullying. Bullying affects everyone everywhere. Done by an experiment, it was concluded that both sexes bully indirectly meaning that they gossip or spread rumors compared to direct bullying which means physical altercations. If the prisoner was involved with drugs at a recent time, it is proven that the numbers raise for both indirect and direct bullying
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